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Fabio love!

Fabio is truly fabulous. I had various rollings-out to do today, and it was so EASY (11:1 gear reduction ratio FTW!)! And so precise (really good calibration!)! and it didn't give me any of the slight wonkiness my old mill did! :D

Plus- it took maybe half the time it usually does because of all this, AND put less stress on the metal. WIN!!!

I am wondering if there's a way to use the half-round rollers on Fabio to roll some stock that's at least a bit close to more antique shank stock. That tends, from the pictures I've seen, to be narrower but thicker than anything I can buy now. With the cost of gold what it is, I hate to use a purely filing technique to get this shape; I have some hopes I can get an approximation using rectangular stock, and then soften the edges. Come the new year I'll get some stock in silver and experiemnt.

Besides that, I finished 1 commission and made excellent progress on the rest. I'm batching them up a bit, and by Sunday will have quite a few progress photos to send to the various people.
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