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Fabio is definitely fabulous. I am SO thrilled with him (it?)! The… - Metals Geekery

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December 2nd, 2009

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04:21 pm
Fabio is definitely fabulous. I am SO thrilled with him (it?)!

The lingering problem is dealing with the extra cabinet we have. Rio sent us a label so we could return it, we boxed it all up again- and UPS- the outfit that delivered it- is refusing to take it. Why? because the return label says "2 pounds", and the cabineet is more like 50. Rio says that though the label says 2 pounds, it's actually good for up to 150; UPS says not.


J is calling Rio today to explain the problem and, we hope, get a solution. Like, maybe a label that specifies the actual weight? -just a thought!

We still have most of the EXCELLENT plywood crate Fabio came in to deal with. Right now it's basically a topless box with "legs" on the bottom (the better to use a forklift to move him, I expect). J is talking about removing the legs and using the box to store hammers; I think if he's going to use it for forge tools, he might want to leave the legs on, since that'll keep the stuff above the cement floor.

Anyway- I have Fabio mostly cleaned off, and hope to use him tonight to roll out some stuff, like the wire for more St. Brigid's Crosses. This will be a good first project, since it'll help me learn how to read the calibration.
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