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Woohoo! Fabio is fabulous!

J went to heroic lengths yesterday and now Fabio* is UP! and in working condition!

Well, mostly. The calibration for the rollers is not yet accurate; the rollers now meet when the dial says they're still about 0.25mm apart. I'm not quite sure how to fix that yet, but there are so many ways to adjust it that I'm sure it's possible. Stay tuned...

Still: he is gorgeous, and very powerful, and very sturdy in his installation, and I am just itching to actually USE him. Maybe tomorrow!

We have not yet gotten the extra stand pakaged up and ready to return- J is planning on doing that next week. Also, we have not yet received a working lock for the cabinet we're keeping, or heard anything about how Durston is planning to compensate us for all the hassle. Again, stay tuned...

I have named my new, splendid rolling mill "Fabio", since i've been joking for years about it being a "studly" rolling mill, and so the name just seemed right. :)
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