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Still no useful Fabio. Alas. He continues to slack in his shipping… - Metals Geekery

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November 24th, 2009

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06:28 pm
Still no useful Fabio. Alas. He continues to slack in his shipping crate.

Meanwhile, we (meaning J) did drill out the lock on one of the cabinets, so there is at least the potential to install him! Hey- given the comedy of errors that's been going on, I take comfort in that. (We still need to send the other cabinet back; it and its box are very inconvenient in the studio.)

We have not yet received a replacement (hopefully functional) lock, nor any "comensation for our trouble". I do plan about posting about these whn/if they happen.

Meanwhile, Fabio reclines lazily, taunting me with his many virtues and capabilitites. Argh! Maybe we can get him functional this weekend...

As far as work goes- one goes out, another comes in. I've finished several commissions, and am getting some new ones. While it'd be financially better to stay swamped and a bit overwhelmed- I'm personally glad that this isn't happening right now. I've done well this year, especially considering the economy, and am really looking forweard to a couple of months in which I do NOT need to spend all my in-studio timne on commissions; I have a whole long and growing list of Stuff I want to make, and appreciate the potential to explore at least some of this.

Plus: now that it's cold, running a kiln seems ever more attractive! and I also have various enameled things I want to finish, that I'd been neglecting over the summer...

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