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November 19th, 2009

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04:42 pm - Fabio update
The poor hunk (my very-fancy and pricey rolling mill) still languishes in his shipping box.

The story thus far: we ordered a cabinet stand designed to fit him. Stand #1 arrived locked, and with no keys. Stnad #1 arrived locked, and with keys... which do not work. At first the keys only turned an eighth of the way; after lubrication with graphite, they turn all the way and yet do not actually unlock the cabinet.

Note that the cabinet needs to be OPEN for us to install Fabio on its top.

Rio Grande was very nice about sending Cabinet #2 when #1 arrived without keys. After 2 failures, though- they had the cabinet manufacturer call us. J spoke to them, and has agreed to drill out one of the locks and email them with the results. They have promised a replacement- hopefully functional- lock (maybe even with keys?), and to “compensate us for our trouble”.

I think at this point we definitely deserve compensation for our trouble. We are now over 10 days past getting the rolling mill and we still can't use it; the stands are NOT CHEAP; and one of the reaspns we bought the damn stand rather than making something (J has previously made me the World's Finest Pounding Bench!) was because we did not want to be futzing with it; we wanted plug-n-play. And yet- futzing! Lots of it! and meanwhile, no ability to use the damn rolling mill!

So: we shall see- and report on- what they think is reasonable "compensation".

Meanwhile: I cannot recommend the cabinet stand. It's a beautiful and very sturdy piece of equipment, but they seem to be cheese-paring on the locks, and that makes the whole thing a not-really-attractive sculpture rather than a useful base for, say, a ROLLING MILL.
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