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Gold: Ouch! - Metals Geekery

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November 6th, 2009

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10:45 pm - Gold: Ouch!
Gold is now almost $1100US/troy ounce. Owie! Just for comparison, the very first time I bought gold I paid $373/ozt. for it. :)

J, my husband who keeps up with the finacial news more than I do, says it's likely to hit $1500. Double owie!

So: if you are thinking about getting something gold, now would probably be a better time than later.

And if you are contemplating commissioning something from me, now is defimnitely a good time; I just finished another commission, and am proceeding well with the rest, so I have some slots for new ones.

I'll just mention that once you put down the deposit and I buy the gold, the cost of the metal is locked in; no matter how pricey gold gets between my purchase of the metal for your piece and when your piece is done, the price doesn't go up. (That's partly why I need the deposit- to buy the metal! and once it's bought, of course, the cost is fixed.)
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