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October 10th, 2009

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09:46 pm
I've been mostly making progress on various commissions, so there's not been much to write about lately. For example, today I gor 1 DONE (except for the engraving), and 2 more with significant progress- all ready for photos to go to their people, and tomorrow I expect to do similarly...OK, maybe without anything getting DONE. :)

My big news is- if we can find a place that carries them, it looks like I can order my dream rolling mill! Woohoo! I have SO many things I want to do with it... It's the big Durston double-combination one, that'll roll a full 6-inch width flat on the top and has a bunch of wire-rolling options on the bottom and sides- and with an **11:1** gear reduction ration, my dears, on the flat. :) For contrast, my current one has a 4:1 GRR, and won't do stuff anything like as thick as this one will, which is causing me some angst and whingeing at the moment.

Oh, PLEASEpleaseplease...!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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