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I've been busy lately! It's both due to necessity, and to the fall… - Metals Geekery

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September 28th, 2009

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04:33 am
I've been busy lately! It's both due to necessity, and to the fall weather making me more ambitious; I LOVE fall- the weather's so nice (I like cool more than hot), plus we're heading into the Season of Holidays!

So: I've finished up several commissions that had been dragging on longer than I'd like- mostly because they were idiosyncratic, and thus I ran into problems that i don't tend to hit when I'm doing stuff I've done lots of times before. Still, all's well and they're done, and mostly sent off, and now I'm back to commissions with indiosyncratic variations on themes, but nothing quite as sui generis as the former ones.

In other words, I'm back in my comfort zone (except for some experiemental stuff I'm doing that's NOT commissions), and that is definitely more comfy.

Today I mostly did prep: I forged out and annealed a bunch of ring blanks, so they're all ready for the next step. (And it's cool enough that having the kiln on for an hour or so was attractive!)

Yesterday I got most of the 1 remaining not-ring commission done; I'll do the final soldering tomorrow, and then can start the finishing. I do have one more set of wedding rings to add to the queue, but they are gifts and are sterling silver, so that's pretty different from the others all gold and/or palladium). I would like to finish these gift rings soonish, though.

While things were annealing, I sorted through some of my in-process work on my bench. I'm going to finish some of these ASAP.
Current Mood: busybusy

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