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Mostly I've been working to finish stuff up, and that mostly… - Metals Geekery

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September 10th, 2009

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10:47 pm
Mostly I've been working to finish stuff up, and that mostly commissions. I've sent out a few things, and have several more close to ready to go.

I ended up kiln-annealing the "Viking knit" tube, and that worked; torch annealing left it pretty stiff. I haven't had a chance to start drawing it out, though. Maybe I should get a picture while it still looks pretty funky.

I certainly learned a lot doing this, and I'm sure if I do it again, it'll be a lot smoother and more regular. I'd also be tempted to do it in Argentium, since bracelets generally take quite a beating when worn. I'm anticipating here, though; I suspect the finishing will take at least as much hands-on time as the nallbinding itself.

I just got the current issue of "Glass on Metal," a magazine for enamelists. They have some GORGEOUS cover art! Bev Yokley is doing these amazing, lifelike pictures of critters- from pets to giraffes- in enamel. Not much info on the technique(s), but they remind me of the work of a couple of the fine enamelists I know here online. :)
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