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Busy, busy, busy these days, and I've been remiss on posting- sorry!… - Metals Geekery

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August 26th, 2009

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08:55 pm
Busy, busy, busy these days, and I've been remiss on posting- sorry!

It's mostly been commission stuff, though I did have a psare bit of time in between other stuff in which I started on a "Viking knot" (technically, naalbinding) tapered bracelet- it's a "project" in one of my jewelry mags, and it looked like fun, and I've been meaning to try metal naalbinding for a while now- and I even had the weird gauges of fine silver wire it called for! So: the "knit" part is maybe 40% done, or a bit more; I'm in the middle of the 20 gauge, and the largest wire used is 19 ga.- then it's back down through the various gauges.

I suspect the most time-consuming part will be making the endcaps and the s-hook ctch- mostly because I will probably choose to granulate them. I just like making my life difficult, it seems...

Anyway- other stuff is progressing along, with the usual assortment of successes and challenges. A meta-challenge is time management- I'm really missing having more time to work on my own stuff as well as the commission work. The half-hour or so in bits and pieces I was messing with the bracelet made that clear! but to get that time, I NEED to be more successful at the time management!
Current Mood: busybusy

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