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I've been keeping busy- boy, have I!- but not posting much about… - Metals Geekery

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August 15th, 2009

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09:45 pm
I've been keeping busy- boy, have I!- but not posting much about stuff lately. Apologies!

I've been finishing up a lot of ongoing projects, and that's a great load off my mind. Some of these have been going on way too long, and it's great to have them done, or close to done.

So- that's what I've mostly been doing, and it doesn't make for very interesting posts.

Today, besides that stuff, I got another paltry 3 rows done on my very elaborate, shaped, double loop-in-loop necklace, the one with the 1500 or so links. The gopod part is I'm getting better at doing it. The bad part is that too often, a link will break as I'm working with it, and I'll have to undo part and replace it, then redo it. Still, the 3 rows cited are progress, and do NOT include the repairs.

I'm looking forward to getting actually caught up, so that I am both less stressed and may, perhaps, have a bit of time to expore some of the ideas I've been getting... Tomorrow is another mostly catch-up day, and I am optimistic that this will start getting me ahead of things.
Current Mood: busybusy

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