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August 1st, 2009

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10:43 pm

My new issue of "Art Jewelry" (one of my 2 favorite jewelry magazines) has an article on tapered Viking knit chain!

The inspiration was apparently the tapered loop-in-loop chain that I still have a passionate desire to make... but they cited 60 hours for it (which I think is not realistic for a bracelet, though I could be wrong), and were looking for something faster.

Oddly, I have never yet actually done "Viking knit" chain. Oddly, because I am ethnically part Viking and so have a fascination for such stuff- I have made and wear several apron dresses, for example; I just haven't gotten around to the "Viking knit" chain. (I have done a more conventional knit chain on a metal version of those "knitting nancy's" they make for kids, and one of these days I will finish it; it's not a huge priority because 1. it's jsut for me, and 2. I've misplaced it. :P )

Which "Viking knit" chain is, technically, naalbinding. Just so you know.

I am enticed by this project, though, and would love to give it a go when I have world enough and time.
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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