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Not the most fabulous day in the studio today. I did finish 2 rings,… - Metals Geekery

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July 25th, 2009

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11:04 pm
Not the most fabulous day in the studio today. I did finish 2 rings, but both of them required me to re-solder the seams when they broke in the rounding/sizing process. Annoying! but- I'd rather have them break then, when it's fairly easy for me to deal with it, than later, so that's OK. The seams on both are REALLY solid now.

One of the rings was the final one in my white metal color sampler. Once it's engraved inside with what it is, I can do the final polishing on the whole mess of them, put a brushed finish on half of each one, and start getting some good photos for the website.

I'm also planning to add info about the "whiteness scale" of white metals there, since it's not exactly intuitive; it's more a "non-yellow" scale than a "whiteness" scale per se. Meaning that a very gray metal can have close to a 10 number (the lowest), as long as it has no yellow/creamy cast to it... but it can STILL be very distincly GRAY and not white the way silver is white.

I'm undecided about adding some additional white metals to that set- like, 18k white gold, or some of H&S's "Karatium" alloys- or whether to instead start a similar set of yellow metals, including 10-22k golds of various kinds. I know yellow gold is not trendy at the moment... but I'm getting intrigued by it, so it may get more commercially interesting in a couple of years. It IS really pretty.
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