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A nice day in th4e studio today- both because it's cool and rainy… - Metals Geekery

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July 21st, 2009

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09:35 pm
A nice day in th4e studio today- both because it's cool and rainy out, and the studio is a lovely place to be in such weather, and because things were accomplished!

My Tues. student has gotten sucked into the granulation madness (I am contagious on this, it seems), and has made bunches of granules, most of which are now sorted by size, and has designed some lovely earrings to use them on, AND made the bezels. We're going with Argentium for both the sheet and the granules, though the bezels for the stones are fine silver. Fine silver fuses nicely onto argentium though, so that will work out well. I didn't want to use argentium for the bezels, since 1. I don't have premade argentium bezel wire, and 2. we're going to want to harden the earrings before setting the stones, and the fine silver will stay nice and malleable through that.

Meanwhile, I got a couple of last-minute soldering operations done on my most tricky commission, because pretty soon I will start setting the stones and ALL soldering has to be excellent before that starts. There were a couple of places where I just didn't like the way it looked- all better now, though. I started opening up the back under the larger faceted stones, and will be continuing with that (it's a pendant).

I also got my "joke" brooch DONE. I hope there will be pictures soon. I'll warn you, though- the joke is more conceptual than something that will make you LOL... Still, I'm pleased with it- and it's now OFF my bench, where it had been reproaching me for neglect for several years.
Current Mood: pleased

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