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July 1st, 2009

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08:16 pm

A size 9 ring on a mandrel A size 9 ring on a mandrel
The only way to accurately determine the size of a ring is by putting it on a reliable* ring mandrel marked with sizes, pushing it down as far as it will go, and reading the size.

As you can see, this ring is a perfect size 9. It's been pushed down as far on the mandrel as it will go; it's quite substantial in thickness.

*Reliable is the key here. I once bought a wooden mandrel to use for checking sizes, but the sizes are all wrong on it.

And by "wrong" I mean "inconsistent with the sizes of my ring sizers- metal and plastic- and my marked steel ring mandrel (pictured)." When I buy ring sizers, I check them on my mandrel, to insure that a size 9 ring in the sizers goes exactly to the "9" mark on the mandrel. Consistency here is vital, and unfortunately there are not predictable industry-wide standards (as my useless wooden mandrel proves!).

In fact, consistency here is so important that one can now buy coordinated sets of sizers and mandrel together. I am lucky to have gotten a steel mandrel that works perfectly with the different kinds of sizers I use, especially the plastic ones that I send off to people.
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