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I just got the last bit of my most recent metals order- another of… - Metals Geekery

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April 15th, 2009

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04:32 pm
I just got the last bit of my most recent metals order- another of the new alloys with which I want to experiment. Cool! I am looking forward to making some basic Mobius rings (mostly) from several of these and adding them to my line-up of white metal options- assuming the working properties allow such, of course.

I'm fairly eager to try working these and comparing the colors, because I have a possible commission that requires the use of several different- and distinguishable- white metals, and I'm hoping at least 1 of these will be suitable for that. I'd love an alloy that's somewhere between silver and palladium in color for this one. We shall see.

...Although I am starting to wonder whether I should not use another design for my color tests- especially since I seem to have a number of them to do. Yes, if I'm going to offer a Mobius ring in an alloy, I have to test the metal to make sure it's suitable! But perhaps a narrower and plainer band might be a better way to focus purely on the color of the different choices- rather like my plain Trinket Rings, but a bit wider. Hmm.
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