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I just got an email from Hoover & Strong describing some new alloys… - Metals Geekery

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March 18th, 2009

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05:14 pm
I just got an email from Hoover & Strong describing some new alloys they have that are very interesting!

One's a sterling/palladium alloy, probably similar to the sterling/platinum alloy I tried a while back and like some things about. I'd expect that H&S products would not have porosity issues! ON the minus side, it and the new sterling/gold alloys aren've very hard, so I'm wondering about their suitability for wedding rings... although my Mobius ones ought to work OK even in a somewhat softer metal, and it's likely that I can harden them some.

I'm happy enough with Stuller's nickel white gold that I'm not too tempted to try H&S's new ones, but the "Karatium" colored golds are somewhat interesting... I think experimenting with them is a somewhat lower priority than the silver alloys above, though, since so many of my commissioners are looking for white metals.
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