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I've decided on encaps and an S-hook for my most recent bracelet… - Metals Geekery

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March 8th, 2009

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05:40 pm
I've decided on encaps and an S-hook for my most recent bracelet chain. I've got the endcaps going- I'm planning on a hammered texture for them and the hook.

A smaller loop seems to be workable for my original ideas for this chain, so Ill be starting to implement that. I am also have vague but enticing ideas of ways to pull various techniques together; dunno how well that'll work, but if it did it'd be cool.

Other stuff: finished another commission; made progress on others; got a new Trinket Ring ready for setting, this time with a created ruby; made some progress on my insane LinL necklace; plus misc.

I have another bracelet on which I need to finish refining the bezel and set the stone, and a plique-a-jour thimble that needs to be filled with something before I can set its garnet; I'm debating the virtues of Jett-set vs. setting cement.

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