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I took apart the single loop-in-loop chain that was too open for the… - Metals Geekery

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March 1st, 2009

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04:34 pm
I took apart the single loop-in-loop chain that was too open for the experiment I had in mind, and made a new chain with the links- this one a 2-direction, single weave. MUCH nicer! And I had just enough links to make a nice bracelet length as well, for the WIN!

Now I'm debating the ends. I'd planned on a simple hook-and-loop or toggle, just so as to not make things more difficult than they need to be... but the 2-direction chain doesn't really lend itself to these very nicely. Unless I come up with something clever, I'll need to go with endcaps. And endcaps add a fair amount of effort (though they look very polished!), because I can't even use premade tubing for these; the rest of the bracelet is Argentium, and I want to keep the metal 100% Argentium. This means I'll need to make the endcaps out of sheet- and the chain is square in cross-section, so the endcaps might have to be too... though maybe I can make round ones and use a mandrel to give them a round-cornered square shape.

And then- what kind of catch? Maybe a nice forged and decorated s-hook, if the endcaps have integral loops...

...Thus roughly doubling the amount of work in the bracelet, of course! OK, maybe not doubling, but adding extra to what had been intended as a quick project..! (Just like I usually end up doing. Sigh.)

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