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February 14th, 2009

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06:24 pm
Since my current commission schedule is fairly light (meaning, not that many pieces for which people have plunked down the deposit that makes it an Actual Commission), I spent most of today working on various of my own things.

One caveat: argentium solder is NOT kind to gold, even 18k. Alas. The 18k bezel on my "Hugs & Kisses" bracelet alloyed some with the argentium silver solder, probably when I was soldering the catch onto the back of the piece. Note to self: It is really, truly true that soldering gold to silver needs to be the very last step in the assembly process.

Fortunately, it's not affecting the fit of the bezel, and the irregularity in the top edge of the bezel means that I'll carve the top edge rather than leaving it plain... which, upon consideration, fits more nicely into the look of the piece anyway.

So, no harm done (much), and lesson learned (I hope!).

I also got 3 courses or rows done on my elaborate loop-in-loop necklace. It IS getting easier as things progress- whew! because it it had stayed as hard as it was at first, I'd probably die with it unfinished. :P

Various other bits and pieces done, including starting an experimental new loop-in-loop bracelet inspired by but deviating from one of the ones in Lansford's book. More on that if my ideas work!

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