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Due to some health issues and a lack of sleep, I wasn't counting on… - Metals Geekery

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January 17th, 2009

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05:25 pm
Due to some health issues and a lack of sleep, I wasn't counting on doing much in the studio today. And yet- I did! Well, maybe not MUCH exactly, but excellent progress on a couple of things, both loop-in-loop chains.

I decided to make a bracelet using Landford's twisted- link design. I got 5 links made and attached together, and think I now have the hang of it. Those 5 links were about 2 inches, and each link is roughly 1 cm long, so I fused and shaped a few more links; I think I'll need around 17, since the catch will add to the length. I'm going to make a fairly simple catch- either a basic toggle, or a hook set with a lapis lazuli stone.

The other accomplishment was making a new, and thus far promising, start on my elaborate loop-in-loop necklace. I got a better idea of how it all is meant to work together, and have started the weave in its proper, double density. It;'s going to be a big job to do it, but I have hopes it'll start going a bit faster once I have an inch or so made; that's usually how it works.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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