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My studio work today wasn't as extensive as I'd hoped; I had a bad… - Metals Geekery

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January 4th, 2009

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07:09 pm
My studio work today wasn't as extensive as I'd hoped; I had a bad night in terms of sleeping (stupid sinuses!), and so was not as adept as I generally like to be.

Still, I got some stuff done: some commission work; fused the rings for an experimental loop-in-loop weave that I will probably use for earrings; and got a nice polish on some patterned wire that I plan to engrave for a cuff bracelet. Plus prepped some orders for sending out, of course.

I also had some inquiries etc. to deal with, including one from someone whose wedding ring, made of Argentium sterling silver, is turning her husband's finger green. (Not hers, at least...) This is very unusual, for sterling in general and Argentium in particular! I know the metal is solid and definitely Argentium- I got it from Hoover and Strong- so I'm suspecting either unusual body chemistry (which happens), or exposure to chemicals in the course of life. I'm hoping we can figure out what's causing it, and come up with a good solution!

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