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I got some solid work done on various commissions this weekend,… - Metals Geekery

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October 26th, 2008

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04:43 pm
I got some solid work done on various commissions this weekend, including finishing one. :) I also got some time put into a couple of other projects.

Our other news is that in a couple of weeks we'll be the proud owners of a computer-controlled engraving/milling machine! We've just not been all that happy with the manual one we now have, especially the inside-ring module (very important!)... and it didn't end up being able to do some of the things we'd hoped it could handle, especially in terms of original designs. Plus, of course, no milling! I can think of all sorts of uses for the new puppy, so even though it's rather more expensive than we'd hoped, I think it'll be worth it based on all it can do. I'm dying to try it out!

...so I have an extra incentive to get thoroughly caught up on my commission work ASAP, since else I'll have to put off playing with my new tool. And that would be dreadful!
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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Date:October 27th, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
congrats on the new tool!

Do you ever find yourself wondering where to put all the power tools? my little craftsman workbench/toolbox thing is full now and I have a tumbler on order (saved money on shipping, silly me) and no idea where to put it.
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Date:October 27th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
I'm lucky in that I have a studio now! So mostly I do have places for stuff, or can make such. For example, the new engraver is going to go where the old one now is (AND take up far less room, for a win!). And we have a small stone-working machine that doesn't have a place now- but I want to swap my 2-spindled polishing unit for a 1-spindled one, and that will make the space.

So- it's not like I have tons of room, even with a studio! And one reason I haven't goten a really nice rolling mill is that I don't have a decent place for the thing. :( Well, that and the price of course!

Since I do have a permanent set-up, the main tool I use is my flex-shaft, and that's attached to the ceiling- no storage space neded for that one, anyway. Of course, the burs, polishing tips and other things are taking over the world...

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