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October 23rd, 2008

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09:15 pm - Business cards!
I have at last gotten some business cards made. "About time!" is probably the response that's most appropriate, but I am pleased with them.

They feature a gold Möbius ring with an inset diamond, photographed in a nice moody way that shows off the ring but still looks artistic. Thank you, J! I added the relevant text in a color that is compatible with the ring, resisted the temptation to use all sorts of Special Effects on it (though I did tweak it slightly), and... done.

I got them printed at Copy Craft, which is not the cheapest place but has decent prices, and I've had good results from them in the past, even with tricky stuff.

My goal for such things is to get another couple of biz cards made, so I have an assortment, and then probably a couple of postcards (which would show multiple pieces; I'm still mulling over the overall design of these). This will give me a variety to hand out, send people, and the like.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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