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Also, I saw the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie yesterday, and just happened to notice one of Jack Sparrow's rings. (Obsessive Focused, moi? Surely not!) It's a gold signet-style ring with a highly domed blue stone in it- I think lapis, from the color- and otherwise very plain.

(I'd love to get a closer look at some of the other jewelry! And I am also intrigued by the key and the lock on the much-sought-after chest- it's an interesting variation on what looks like basically a warded lock.)

As it happens, I have recently acquired some suitably-sized, highly domed carnelians. I think one of them needs to be in such a ring. Silver, alas! Carnelians adore gold, and I'd love to give it to them, but I'm still in the silver phase of making this style of rings. :)
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