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July 18th, 2008

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05:58 pm - More Mobius
One of the things that I'm finding to be a lot of fun in making more Mobius rings is customizing them for each design (if I think of it) or client. I'm just starting the finishing on some wedding rings, and have a few others in the queue- and while they've got similarities, it turns out that each client has a slightly different perspective, so I adapt them to meet these. And that makes it a LOT more fun than just cranking out the same thing time after time.

I posted a commissioned Mobius engagement ring on my website, this one argentium with an emerald. Pretty!

I still need to process pictures and post another couple that I've made based on my own ideas- especially since I've got yet another in process at the moment. I'm really finding it to be a lot of fun exploring different design ideas based on this theme.

I'll probably not be posting much in the next week or so- I've got an "emergency" commission that I need to focus on finishing ASAP. Since we finally have the materials and the info, I'm all set to go on it now.

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