afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

Eep. I just realized that today is the 13th, which (am I not brilliant for deducing this?) makes tomorrow March 14th. Otherwise known as the postmark deadline for submitting entries to Lark's "500 Enamels" upcoming book.

And since J was nice enough to spend far too much time getting really good pics of my Smileys, it would be stupid of me to miss the deadline. Right?

So I am now burning the CD, and apparently also need to fill out a form and print pics of the CD files.

I am not really expecting to get in the book. Yeah, I'm very proud of and happy with my Smileys- but they're very goofy, and in general this series has not inclined toward the goofiness. Still- they're some of the best work I've done, and I'm proud of them, and since I had too many other commitments to do something specific for this book... well, these are it.

(I did do several pieces specifically for the first jewelry book in this series, "500 Brooches," and none of them got in and I sulked. Although I'm proud of those, too- the "Revelations" brooches on my site are some of them- and there's another set that I plan to re-work the basic designs into insanely ambitious Art Nouveau-inspired pieces. So it was not a dead loss. And yet, I sulked. :) )

In other news- more work on various Mobius rings. One's about ready to photograph. I'm still wrestling with the sterling/Pt one, since I'd really like to get a damn nice finish on it and the metal is not allowing that; as I sand away some flaws, others are exposed.

I made Pass #1 of twisting some of the sterling/Pt for filigree. It sort of held up OK, but broke where I'd put it in the vise rather than at the end I'm twisting, which is unusual. I need a much tighter twist, but it does not seem to need annealing yet, so I'll twist it more tomorrow.

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