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Looking for large (amber?) cabs - Metals Geekery

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December 15th, 2007

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07:52 pm - Looking for large (amber?) cabs
Also- I've now heard back from a couple of places that are unable to help me find large amber cabs for my Viking beads. Woe! It seems like big hunks of the stuff are usually not the clear, honey-color that I want.

While I'm not (yet) prepared to accept plastic, totally natural amber is not necessarily a requirement for this. After all, the amber is itself a substitute for the quartz crystal in the originals- I foolishly thought it'd be easier to find. Ha! :)

So. If anyone can point me toward either amber or clear(ish) quartz round cabochons in the 1-1.5 inch (23-35mm) range, I would be very, very obliged. Just sayin'!

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