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Today I mostly worked on elements of my Viking beads, but also did… - Metals Geekery

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December 15th, 2007

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07:51 pm
Today I mostly worked on elements of my Viking beads, but also did some preparatory work for my first pass at the Russian filigree.

Which means- I spent lots of time twisting wire, annealing twisted wire, then twisting it some more. I did lengths of both 28 ga. argentium (for the beads), and 26 ga. fine silver (for the filigree).

I'm letting the filigree stuff dry overnight before running it through my rolling mill. Rolling mills get very unhappy indeed if one puts wet- or even damp- stuff in them.

I was quite pleased with the coiling and wrapping technique in the filigree video for torch annealing fine wires. It worked great- not quite as easy as kiln annealing... but of course, one doesn't need to have or heat up a kiln to do it! A very excellent option to know.

Plus, I got to start the fusing on my first 3 Viking beads. Simple stuff- I wound, cut, and fused rings around the holes, to act as visual stops and reinforcements when strung. I did more though- I have 6 of the necessary 12 double-spirals of twisted wire formed for the 2 small beads, and made all 8 of the twisted-wire rings for the large one (granulation happens inside these). 4 of the 8 rings are glued down; I need to form the double-spirals to snug up against the bead, and then I'll glue them on, too. Then- fusing!

Also, Rio Grande sent me a replacement jar of the 7137 Schauer enamel that's done so badly for me. The Rio people say they've been unable to duplicate the, er, RESULTS I've gotten from my jar, so they sent me the jar they've been working with. I'm almost afraid to try it... except that I really think it HAS to be a problem with my jar, since it behaved so badly when treated exactly the same as so many others that work fine! I'm also really hoping that the new stuff works, since the color seems to be something I can really use.

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Date:December 16th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
I'm really looking forward to seeing your Viking beads, very exciting!

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