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I got the other 2 stones set today, and tumble-polished all 3 pieces.… - Metals Geekery

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December 5th, 2007

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06:10 pm
I got the other 2 stones set today, and tumble-polished all 3 pieces. So now to do the final polishing, then photos! Photos of the Sekrit Gift will not be up till after Xmas and/or receipt of said Gift, but the ones intended for sale will be up for sale. :)

The patching on the argentium ring went very well. it's completely invisible- which I'd expected, but which is still gratifying.

I am not best pleased with Rio Grande at the moment. I contacted them a while back about the enamel that did horrible things when fired, and have not heard back. I even sent an email a week or so ago as well, and... nothing. So I called again today. I would really like to send them the picture I posted here, and hopefully get my jar of yuck exchanged for one that's what it's supposed to be.
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