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I wasn't able to get into the studio today- Real Life intervened.… - Metals Geekery

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November 19th, 2007

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05:49 pm
I wasn't able to get into the studio today- Real Life intervened. Damn you, Real Life! :)

On the whole, I am rather disappointed with my sample tiles. I did not find any fire-colored enamels that are better than ones I already have. And I was really hoping to do so! I did, however, find some that when they are put directly on silver, change their colors to some pretty nice oranges, so it's not a total loss. And anyway- the more samples, the better!

I've decided what to do with spiculum #1. It's becoming a brooch, with a largish moonstone. I'd love to make it a pendant, but the shapes do not cooperate in allowing me to make an invisible bail where it would need to be- so a brooch it is. I think it'll be quite pretty and elegant.

I got- I think (I have not yet opened the package)- my argentium granules. I will now be able to start the decorative fusing on the first of my Viking beads. Woohoo! I am really keen to do this. I also have various supplies to allow me to make more, plus a sample pendant or 3.

Assuming Thanksgiving does not eat my life, anyway!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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