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...And this is why we do test/sample tiles! - Metals Geekery

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November 16th, 2007

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08:28 pm - ...And this is why we do test/sample tiles!
Today I started actually applying colors to my sample tiles- and did I get a surprise!

One of the colors I was testing is Schauer 7137- a "golden yellow" transparent that I got from Rio. And while the other 5 tiles in that batch fired up beautifully- this one is a MESS.

It is not transparent; it is completely opaque. Furthermore, I would not call it "golden yellow"; as fired, I would call it "scorched hot dog mustard." It also is not firing properly at anything like the medium temp or 1350F at which it is supposed to; it barely started melting at that, and even 2+ minutes at close to 1450F didn't help. Also: it's pitting dreadfully. There is no difference in how it behaves on copper, on flux, on white, on silver (foil) or on gold.

Now: because this was a test, I am merely annoyed and disappointed. If I had not done the test, and had trusted it to behave as it is supposed to and used it in a piece- the piece would have been ruined.

I did call Rio, and went through all the "user error" questions with them. It's not user error; my other tiles, and my other colors, worked fine- done at the same time, in exactly the same way. They're going to see what their supply of the color does, and email me Mon. afternoon (they said).

The color is, it seems, not really supposed to be used on copper. I can't see that this is the whole issue, since on most of the tile it wasn't touching any bare copper. But just in case, I will fire some onto a scrap of fine silver- probably with flux on one side, and none on the other. Then I can get pictures of all the hideousness and email them to Rio.

I hope this is merely a bad jar of the color. I could really use a nice golden yellow transparent...
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