afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

Well, I didn't get to the enameling today. But! I did do some pretty cool work!

Spiculum #2 is now soldered. Next is shaping it, and deciding what to do with it.

Spiculum #1 is progressing toward a finished piece. Since it looks rather lunar when it's on its side, I'm accenting that, and adding a moonstone. I'd like it to be a pendant, but adding an invisible bail will be tricky, so it might be a pin instead. The moonstone setting is soldered, and the next step will be fitting it into the spiculum.

I have 2 hemispheres made out of 24ga. (0.5mm) argentium, for a prototype bead. Next step is fusing the halves together.

I've sorted out my enamels that need test/sample tiles, and will be starting work on them in the next few days. I've also got the settings mostly done for a forged "torc" with 2 amethysts.
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