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November 2nd, 2007

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06:04 pm - More on spicula
I worked on the 2 spicula today.

#2 is pretty much ready for the seam to be soldered, though I annealed it so I can tighten it up a tad more first. I am proud: it is nice and straight, and the seam does not curve around its diameter at all.

#1 is all soldered, and I've started shaping it. Right now it's somewhat like a compressed font's capital C- curvy ends, but with a straightish bit in the middle. I annealed it, and will be working to curve the center more. I'm still not sure what it's going to be: a brooch? a bracelet? a torc for a teddy bear? so I'm leaving that undecided while I mess with it. I also need to clean things up a bit along the seam; I'm hoping #2 won't need much of that, since the seam is a lot tighter.

I still haven't had a chance to get to enameling. Maybe this weekend? I have a pair of plique earrings I'd really like to make progress on, plus my Tudor rose cloisonne on the engraved blank.

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