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I had a fairly productive, albeit boring, time in the studio today.… - Metals Geekery

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September 29th, 2007

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05:48 pm
I had a fairly productive, albeit boring, time in the studio today. My main task was polishing a common hardware component, for incorporation into jewelry (and possibly a "line" of items). While it was boring, it's also rather satisfying; the original was cast, and so I dealt with porosity as well as some subtle re-shaping to make it more elegant. That particular bit is now done, or close to done, so the next step will be building the rest of the original piece and polishing it nicely, after which I can send it to the casters and get a bunch made. And then I can stop being mysterious about it, too!

Mostly this week I've been doing non-studio metal-related stuff. I've been sourcing some things I need, dealing with a computer failure, and as a result of that upgrading all the software I tend to use and attempting to learn Dreamweaver well enough to use it for my websites. So- very little work with actual metal, which always makes me feel unproductive, but it's all necessary stuff.

The weather is cooling off again, which means: enameling! (I am rather reluctant to run a kiln when I have to run air conditioning to make the studio live-able while it's on.) I am getting very excited at the idea of working with enamels again. Yes, even though the dreaded TEST TILES are one of the first things I must do. :)
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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