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Today I also sorted out one of the piles o' crap that's been hanging… - Metals Geekery

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April 9th, 2007

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09:29 pm
Today I also sorted out one of the piles o' crap that's been hanging around my studio ever since I moved in. Woohoo! So: I have 3 more boxes, and a couple of smaller containers to go. I will need storage, I think, for all of these; one of the reasons they're still hanging about is that I have no reasonable place(s) to put them.

I need more storage for pretty but not valuable stones. I need logical storage for abrasives. And I'm not entirely sure what's in the other 2 boxes...

On the plus side: once I get these sorted out, I will have room for another "student bench", if I want to be able to comfortably house 2 students at a time. Or, I would have room for my dream rolling mill, which is a significant presence in a studio. Or room for another pounding bench, if I decide I need to facilitate raising more....

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