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Regarding my website update: I really prefer even the boring parts of metalwork to working on web pages- especially when I've got the basic forms settled, and so making the data fit the forms is just pure drudgery. Ah, well- it must be done. And I think it'll look a lot better.

Plus I'm taking the opportunity to add more info to a lot of the pieces that are up there, so that will, I hope, be of interest. I do tend to the terse! -which is fine in design- it's a lot of my aesthetic- but is a bit less friendly in commentary.

I'm not looking forward to writing my artist's statement, but it's gotta be done. As I say (probably too much): if I wanted to be a writer, I'd be a writer and not a metalsmith! But writing must needs happen. Just like death, taxes, and website updates. :)

But I want to get back into the studio and finish some argentium Crow Moon scent lockets!
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