afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

More Plique-a-jour

These are pieces that I finished a while ago, but apparently have not posted pictures thereof.

(Also, I have added the prices to the items here and posted previously that are for sale.)

Dancing Star Plique-a-jour with Sapphire Dancing Star Plique-a-jour with Sapphire
A companion piece to the Sunburst, this piece includes 5 colors of enamel and a yellow sapphire as a focus. $385 US.
Lotus Plique-a-jour earrings (Egyptian) Lotus Plique-a-jour earrings (Egyptian)
The design for the plique component is based on an ancient Egyptian jewelry design, and the rest of the earring were designed to complement that. The posts attach to set lapis lazuli, and the beads are coral. $175 US.
Copper Plique/Filigree earrings Copper Plique/Filigree earrings
These earrings include 2 shades of blue and green, along with silver and copper. The earwires are a copper-colored niobium, and the beads are antique glass. $90 US.

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