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February 3rd, 2007

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10:59 pm - Finishing
Ah, polishing. The infinite time-sink.

On the plus side, I am developing some shortcuts that seem to help, and ways to use my various abrasives that make is somewhat less painful.

Still, that's been most of what I've been doing of late. And it's not exciting, and while necessary, it's not as obviously productive as fabrication, so it's a bit frustrating.

I do have my second bottlecap close to being finished- again, since last time the polishing revealed firescale. While the concept does not really require the Ultimate Perfect Finish, I've felt inclined to do that anyway.

My locket is also close to being done; right now it needs the pin for the hinge, and some final polishing. I am looking at stones to use for new lockets, since I feel the need to do a number of the things until I'm really good at them.

I've been making good progress on my most recent commission, too, which is fun. And I've been doing finishing work on some of the plique pieces that are hanging around, so I hope to have actual finished items with them soon. :) It's been complicated by the fact that I have gotten an attack of fussiness, so am feeling the need to re-do some things to meet my suddenly-higher standards.

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