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I haven't updated in a bit, I see... I have been working, though! In… - Metals Geekery

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January 27th, 2007

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06:36 pm
I haven't updated in a bit, I see...

I have been working, though! In fact, I finished something today! I've been working sporadically on a ring for the metalsmithing monthly challenge: a hammered-texture ring. I combined it with filigree, and just finished the final polish today- a generous 3 days before the end of the month, so I am proud. :)

And it's a good thing I finished it, too, because I needed the project box for a new commission!

I'm close to done on another couple of things, too- the bottlecaps I've mentioned before. I think all they need is to be glued up.

I've been doing some enameling- the cold snap we're having makes running a kiln pretty enticing. And I'm working on finishing some enameled projects: I'm doing the grinding on the plique thimble, and I'm redoing the settings for the lapis for the lotus plique earrings, since I wasn't happy with the ones I'd done.

I'm also redoing one of the lightweight argentium hearts one which I'm practicing fusing argentium alone and with fine silver; the 24-ga. bordering wire wasn't shaped well enough, I decided. One disadvantage of fusing is that it's not really possible to remove pieces once they're on; I was hoping to be able to re-use the bezel, but nope. I'll just make another. I'm looking forward to starting the granulation part of these hearts!

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