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Solstice Day (more or less) - Metals Geekery

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December 22nd, 2006

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05:26 pm - Solstice Day (more or less)
Due, again, to Circumstances, we were not able to attend the Christmas Revels tonight as we had planned. Sigh. The slightly tarnished silver lining is that I got some good work done in the studio...

I've twisted and annealed 2 more lengths of brass wire for big filigree stars. The one I tried previously turned out nicely, so I decided to do another couple for gifts.

I'm also working on the hammered-texture ring that's a challenge on the metalsmiths community. So far so good... I'm incorporating a hammered texture and filigree, and might add a stone. The hammered bit is coming along nicely, and I've cut the wire for the filigree- I do think it needs a solid border on the other side of the filigree, for strength, even though that will make it rather wide. I'm still mulling over how to manage that.

I am also mulling over various designs for heart-themed items, which I will hope to have available before Valentine's Day this year. :)

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