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I was horribly uninspired yesterday. I did get some boring routine… - Metals Geekery

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December 12th, 2006

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06:40 pm
I was horribly uninspired yesterday. I did get some boring routine stuff done, but it was frustrating to be itching to do filigree, and yet have no interesting ideas to try!

Today, though, my brain was back online. I started a pretty basic but pretty filigree-winged butterfly, and another snowflake- one which, I hope, will work out better than the one I currently have in pieces but ought to just make. I also had some other ideas which are intriguing. I think I am now narrowing in on an idiosyncratic approach to filigree, and that should help me to do more really original work in the medium. :)

I do have to run some tests of solders with the idea of combining filigree and plique-a-jour. I'd rather not use eutectic for everything if i can avoid it; it's so hard to work with and brittle! but it may not be avoidable. I am also thinking that the technique for soldering filigree wires for plique might be a useful approach to the same problem but with the twisted, flattened filigree wire...

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