afmetalsmith (afmetalsmith) wrote,

I continue to slowly squish down my mokume billets. The cheater one has developed tiny cracks where I burred through several layers, so I plan to add another layer of silver... or maybe bronze or something... to its back. The two soldered ones are getting squished, just very, very slowly. They're small as billets go, but are pretty much at the capacity of my poor little rolling mill, and it is laboring heroically at the task. If I get seriously into this stuff, I'm going to have to find a place for a heavier-duty one- preferably one with a greater than 4:1 gear reduction ratio. The studly ones I keep admiring but have neither the room nor the cost-effective need for have an 11:1 gear reduction ratio.... *sigh* Still, it's fun, and at some point I think it'll start going a bit more easily- when it's not so damn thick! It's still over 4 mm!

I just got a book on filigree jewelry (without a plique focus), and it's fascinating. It's called "Silver Threads," and has info about traditional Scandinavian filigree as well as more general stuff. Today I twisted and annealed my first length of wire for the technique, and I'm looking forward to rolling it flat and starting to play with it!

I also did some work on the second lotus plique earrings- I'm working on the settings for the lapis, which will also hold the earring posts. I kinda wish I'd gone with premade settings... except that the lapis is 6.1mm, and the settings would have been 6mm, and so they wouldn't have worked anyway! Also, I like the heavier bezel I'm using (26 ga. rather than the prefab 30 ga.) I've got 1 bezel filed down to fit the stone, and the other about halfway; I need to add loops from which to suspend the rest of the stuff, and the posts.

I have not yet set the citrine into the sunburst/chrysanthemum plique, or cleaned up the thimble. I need to do one or the other this weekend, as well as the rest of the stuff.

Yesterday I did get another brick's worth of the fussy loops fused for my loop-in-loop necklace; I ought to do at least a brick a day, and just push through it. They are really a pain, what with being both larger in diameter and thinner in gauge. Grr. Good thing I'm not selling this piece, is all I can say! (I think it woudl have been much nicer to do with argentium, at least for this size. Just sayin'.)

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