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I see I have a bit of catching up to do here! The Girl Scout thing… - Metals Geekery

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November 29th, 2006

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06:30 pm
I see I have a bit of catching up to do here!

The Girl Scout thing went well. I think the leaders were more interested than the girls, but a couple of the girls were pretty keen. I made a pennannular brooch and a quick fibula for them, told them that safety pins- of which they'd made some jewelry- were actually very ancient (more ancient than buttons) and they all got to check out my anvil and the 2 hammers I'd brought (a forging one and a rawhide one). At the last minute I tossed in the chainmail coif I'd made several years ago for a class in armor J was teaching, and that was a huge hit! Quite a few of them now want to learn to make mail, and I offered to teach it (though in 3 groups of 6, not 1 of 18!) if the leaders wanted me to. So it was a lot of fun!

And I now have my smiley pendants back, which makes me happy. Although I'm contemplating sending one to an enameling show in Japan...

Meanwhile, in the studio, I've been mostly working on my mokume game experiments. Billet #2 of the solder-bonded one is almost ready for rolling out, and I annealed #1 in the kiln after rolling it a bit. I want to be very careful that I don't push it too hard between anneals, and risk cracking the metal or the layers! And my "cheater" one is coming along; today I used a bur to cut into the surface and expose more of the layers- just randomly, but it's given me some ideas for how to construct cheater billet #2. I started rolling it out, too. I think it's going to end up pretty thin, but maybe I can use it for earrings. Or, I suppose, laminate another sheet of silver onto its back!

I think I have a good pattern now for a size 13 signet-style ring, in which I will set an enamel depicting an anvil. It's been educational! For the first one I did a very simple pattern, and it worked OK but I spent a lot of time shaping the metal to make up for the overly simple pattern. This time I wanted to shape the pattern better to start with. I've gone through a lot of paper as I've printed up the latest version, cut it out, taped it together and checked things like the shape, size, etc.! Of course, paper's a lot cheaper- and easier to work with!- than silver, so it's worth it. I'm hoping to start actual work on the ring in the next few weeks. I also want to draft another ring or 2 of a similar style, but in different sizes and with different shapes of "stones," and hopefully come up with some general formulae I can use in the future. I have several such rings I want to make: at least 1 more with an enameled "stone" but in a smaller size, one of unknown ring size based loosely on a gold-and-lapis ring Jack wore in the last "Pirates" movie (his was gold with lapis; mine will be silver with carnelian, since I have some carnelians that are perfect!), and maybe a woman-sized one or 2 with antique glass buttons as the "stones."

I also have to get on some sort of schedule for adding pictures to my website etc.- I've been slacking on that. Again. Plus I am contemplating reworking the whole damn thing...

And a note on Etsy- a couple of days ago I "sold" some earrings there... and I put "sold" in quotes, because the buyer has shown no interest in actually paying for the things. Etsy says they have a week, and promises to reimburse the fees etc. if they don't come through. So that's OK; it's just a bit of a pain. And yes, I do plan on leaving negative feedback if the purchaser turns out to be a wanker!
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