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I feel pretty accomplished today! I got the various stuff together… - Metals Geekery

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November 26th, 2006

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05:56 pm
I feel pretty accomplished today!

I got the various stuff together for a talk I'm giving tomorrow to a troop of Girl Scouts who are interested in jewelry-making. I'm bringing some samples of various things I've made, as well as the stuff I need to make a simple brooch right there. Including a (small) anvil. :)

I also made up some print-them-ourselves business cards to hand out- the photo didn't turn out as nicely as I'd hoped, but they have my name, my email, my afmetalsmith website, and my (cell) phone number on them. So all the important stuff's there!

I do need to get some really nice cards made up one day soon...

And the fun stuff: I've been rolling out my "cheater" mokume game, and it's looking pretty good! I also got one of my smaller billets of the solder-bonded stuff cleaned up and started rolling it out. Very satisfying!

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