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It's been a kind of boring week for me. Cleaning up enamels- NOT the… - Metals Geekery

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November 11th, 2006

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04:50 pm
It's been a kind of boring week for me. Cleaning up enamels- NOT the fun part!- and working out my end-of-the-year orders from various vendors. I've now got most of these placed, although 2 big ones- Rio and Enamelwork Supply Company- are still pending.

Most of it's stuff that's only exciting to a jeweler/enamelist... like various new abrasive approaches for cleaning enamels. Also some mandrels for odd-shaped settings, and the last several of the miniature stakes I so love. I now have almost the complete set, and the last 2 will be coming soon! Yay! They are both adorable and very, very useful. I've read that the guy who designed them is working on some hammers to accompany them, and if so, I eagerly await their introduction!

But I have cleaned up enamels. I've even finished a pair of earrings! The copper ones with the simple filigree and open parts are now done. The lotus plique earring drops are almost done; I finished the clean-up and they're ready for their final firing, in which I just hope none of the cells open up... I can't complete them until I complete the Rio order, because the lapis I want to use is in it, but getting the enamel parts finished will be great. I am also to the final polishing and stone-setting for the sunburst/chrysanthemum pendant, and have started to lay in the white in the thimble.

I've also fused a lot of tiny fine silver jump rings for my necklace. I'm maybe halfway through size #4 out of 5, so that's pretty good. I am contemplating clasps for the thing.

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