September 4th, 2010

ring, anvil

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The weather has cooled off, making life in the studio MUCH more pleasant.

I sent off another commission this morning, and so was able to spend the afternoon in R&D. I'vew been meaning to try making smaller individually-made St. Brigid's Crosses, and a query from a potential customer had me working on that. The next step down from the wire I've been using didn't make much difference, which surprised me- but the step after that made a HUGE difference, even though it's tiny enough that it was rather hard to work with for this. Still, at this point I think the results will be attractive, though I do not think I could go down another size (at least not if I wish to retain what sanity I have left!).

Also made progress on my new scent locket design. Looks good so far. :)
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