February 21st, 2010

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Yet more annealing today- that's been my main task for a couple of days this week. Now, though, everything is annealed, so I can work on the various pieces till they get to the point where they need more annealing!

I also replaced my pickle today. and man! was that pickle depleted! When I added baking soda to it to neutralize it, it hardly fizzed at all; no wonder stuff's been taking a while to pickle lately.

This time I made it a bit stronger (I tend to favor pretty mild pickle), and also put more liquid in the pot. That's good for dimensional pieces, but it does end up taking a lot longer to heat up, so it's a mixed bag.

I fear my crock-pot pickle pot is nearing the end of its useful life. The removeable crock does not remove at this point. Oh, well- it's lasted something like 7 years, and I can afford to replace it with a different crock-pot.

Apart from the above- the annealing is mostly commissions- I did a bit more on a couple of Trinket Ring "sets" yesterday and today. They are fun!

ETA: I was amazed at the short time it took to pickle things when the pickle was not *ahem* seriously depleted. I should probably set up a yearly nag to change it.
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ring, anvil

Borromean Rings!

Also: I've been working on a design for Borromean Rings, and have updated my site to show the ones that work: http://www.afmetalsmith.com/contents/details/BorromeanOptions.html .

These are a set of 3 rings that are interlocked- like the "puzzle" or "Russian" rings- but in which no ring actually passes through any other ring (unlike the "puzzle" rings). There's a link to the Wikipedia article on the concept on the page above.

The fun part of them is that they are GREAT to fidget with- they like being both in ring form, and in what i call "sphere" form, where they look like a wire-defined shpere, or maybe a graphic depiction of an atom. Fun stuff! and also really pretty.
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