January 30th, 2010

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Another good day in the studio. I'm finishing up a set of wedding rings, and got the 14k nickel white gold ones done but for the final rouge polishing; this is GREAT because nickel white gold is a truly unpleasant metal to work with. (It is mulish about doing what I want, and even with protective firecoats it firescales like crazy and then needs to be polished clean. I am going to start charging a surcharge for working with it- it takes that much more time and effort than other metals.) Also got the companion ring rounded and almost the right size; I'll finish it tomorrow, I think/hope.

I got some initial work done on another couple of new commissions.

And! I got my white metal color sample rings polished with rouge, and then with part of the outside given a satin finish (which helps display the metal colors). Tomorrow, when they are dry, I will get them set up for photography, and use that to update my "About Metals" info on my website.

I've been working on website updating quite a lot this week. Nonthing's live yet, but I think it'll include some definite improvements, and some nifty new stuff.
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