January 21st, 2010

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A Word of Warning

This may be old news to most Etsy people, but this is the first time I've encountered it: a version of the Carig's List scam where someone sends a forged cashier's check or money order for over the amount of the total, and then the mark sends the overage on back to the sender or to someone else. And lo! when the thing is processed, it's a fake, and I've read that some of the marks have even been arrested for passing bad checks and the like.

I don't know for a fact that the exceedingly weird query I got was a scam- but it sure fits all the parameters.

So: if you're on Etsy, be aware.
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ring, anvil

Etsy love!

I posted earlier about what looked like a Craig's List scam migrating to Etsy.

Well, I informed Etsy about it, and despite that they're saying replies take 3-4 days- they cancelled the suspicious account immediately.

I am very pleased.

I know some people dislike the $0.20 listing fee for either 3 or 4 months per item, and the 3.5% commission they take- but to me, this is a very reasonable cost of business (galleries take something like 50-60%, AND you have to give them the goods to get that! with Etsy, stuff that hasn't sold remains in MY clutches, and thus not available to a failed gallerey that migh6t choose to use my goods- unpaid-for- to pay off thier other creditors.), and the fact that they are PROACTIVE like this about dealing with scams is part of my satisfaction.

Yeah, there's a lot of competition in many areas... but there's also a ROCKIN' search engine, and I am both doing well myself AND finding insanely cool stuff for gifts for persnickety people on it.

I think it's a fabulous paradigm, well-implemented.
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